Information System Support Specialist II

Augusta, Maine, United States | Office of Information Technology | Full-time


Office of Information Technology

Information System Support Specialist II

Network Services/Voice Services Group


OPEN FOR RECRUITMENT: April 28, 2021 – May 12, 2021



You are a talented individual who understands working with a technical team and are driven toward success.  You focus on value, standardization and repeatability; you know that what you build today must work tomorrow.  You enjoy thinking critically, have excellent diagnostic skills and love problem solving or troubleshooting network issues as you strive for excellence.  If this describes you, we want you on our TEAM!!



The Department of Administrative and Financial Services (DAFS) Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides information technology support to over 13,000 employees. OIT oversees large scale enterprise applications that support the critical and diverse business needs of the State of Maine and its agencies.


We are upgrading the telephony platform along with ancillary call center functionality to improve the call center experience for State of Maine constituents that utilize our services. The telephony platform is upgraded to the latest version of Avaya with VoIP end sets on SIP trunks. This technology advancement will provide a State-of-the-Art telephony platform and upgraded service offerings for which we seek a highly talented candidate.


ABOUT THE JOB DETAILS:                                                                                                                       

The role of an Information System Support Specialist II will be performing installations and troubleshooting telephony equipment and cabling while also completing training for the new telephony locations undergoing upgrades. The position will be part of an enterprise level Information Technology Network Services department and will be on a high performing team that:

  • Has a full understanding of cabling plant and wiring standards for telephony.
  • Has a full understanding of telephone systems and equipment on Avaya telephone platform.
  • Understands the various features and functionality of telephone services.
  • Assists at call centers for troubleshooting equipment and/or connectivity related issues.
  • Understands LAN, MAN, WAN topologies.
  • Performs at a level of competency and with quality on installations, wiring backbone and internal facilities, configurations, maintenance and monitoring of telephony systems and related equipment to reduce troubles.
  • IT skills showing experience with telephony systems riding on a data network and understanding TCP/IP networks.
  • Can execute with a level of excellence to end users delivering great customer service.

This work requires a candidate with strong IT telephony skills and ability to self-manage daily operations and perform complex process workflow with some supervision. The Network Service department requires the ability to perform 24X7 support and this role will be on-call in rotation along with other team members.  This position is in Augusta but requires traveling across the State of Maine to various agency locations.



  • Perform a full range of wiring, end user equipment installation and troubleshooting functions to acquire, configure, install, monitor and maintain phone service provided through communication software and hardware.
  • Resolve complex telephony problems, develops complex reports and provides fixes to current equipment, wiring or service failures including hardware or software misconfigurations.
  • Documentation of telephone services and devices, including servicing and upgrading or removal of equipment.
  • Perform fault isolation and repairs in a complex telephony/networking environment independently or in consultation with vendor or other technical personnel to diagnose and correct system problems.
  • Analyze and trace internal wiring, circuit and/or analog services to identify services no longer in use or needed.



  1. Experience and skills in telephone service installations and maintenance of telephones, headsets, telephone expansion modules equipment and services.
  2. Ability to perform Avaya administration within CM,SMGR & AAM programing.
  3. Ability to show knowledge of TCP/IP model along with LAN, MAN and WAN and WLAN topologies.
  4. Knowledge of tools such as toner, butt set, Modular Crimping Tools: 6p/8o; Multi-Modular Cable Tester, 110/66/Krone Punch down tool, VOM, Tone and Wand, etc.
  5. Knowledge of internal wiring standards, labeling, tracing for various circuits and/or analog/digital services by service types. Maintain documentation on these within our documentation tool set(s).
  6. Knowledge of ticketing system for workload management.
  7. Develop and maintain training material for end users utilizing various telephony products.
  8. Remove and inventory antiquated and/or new equipment while keeping Just in Time (JIT) stock/inventory.
  9. Knowledge of complex agency(ies) moves to aid in deployment of telephony services at new locations assisting users where needed for troubleshooting and/or training.
  10. Ability to identify, analyze and troubleshoot complex telephony-related problems reported by users and at times work with vendors to resolve issues.
  11. Ability to troubleshoot and solve complex telephony technical problems affecting end users.
  12. Ability to perform research and make recommendations to management on technical telephony-related issues.
  13. Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.
  14. Good interpersonal skills and ability to communicate effectively with telephony users, vendors, and Information System professionals.
  15. Has a commitment and understanding to provide excellence in customer service.
  16. Shows initiative to perform work at high levels while producing excellent results.
  17. Ability to perform work requiring lifting and/or physical exertion may be required.



A minimum of 3 years of a combination of related post-secondary education, technical certifications, or technology related work experience.  Related training, internship experience etc. may be credited as related experience on a month-per-month basis.


Preference will be given to those applicants with at least four (4) years’ experience performing telephony and wiring at an enterprise level and two (2) years’ experience performing cabling plant, headset or telephone troubleshooting at all levels of an enterprise level environment.  Telephony, Wiring and/or Network certifications will be given preferences –CCNA, CCENT, Avaya, or Bicsi.  Relevant experience may be substituted.



 To apply, please visit the following website and apply online:




JOB CLASS CODE: 0931 POSITION: 004200278 PAY GRADE: 23 - ($48,942.40 - $65,998.40/yr.)*

   *Includes a 15% recruitment and retention salary adjustment and eligibility for a 5% annual training bonus



The bi-weekly dollar values of some State-paid benefits for full-time employees include: $14.60 for dental insurance; 14.11% of employee’s pay towards retirement; and, depending on the employee’s annual pay, at least 85% ($400.34) of health insurance premiums (more information is available here). Participation in the Health Premium Credit Program can decrease the employee’s cost of health insurance by 5%.

*The level of the actual value of state paid Health Insurance will be based on the employee’s wage rate and status with regard to the health credit premium program.